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Xinyu Enamelled Wire is a key material in the electrical, appliance, instrumentation and telecommunications industries. Enamelled wire performance should meet the electrical product design requirements, processing requirements and operational requirements. The use of enameled wire requires that the quality of enameled wire be guaranteed by a serious system and scientific method.

The allowable tolerance of a bare wire refers to the allowable deviation between the actual value of a bare wire diameter and a specified value. From the point of view of the use, the hope that the smaller the tolerance, the better the design resistance, the number of turns and other aspects of the calculation. However, when manufacturing the die hole in the drawing process to wear and tear deformation, if the tolerances are too strict, it is necessary to change the mold, resulting in the operation of the process and mold supply difficulties. The actual requirements for the use of units when formulating standards and the technical possibilities of production units should be "made to their best."

155 Enameled Copper Wire

The difference between the maximum measured value and the minimum measured value of the same section diameter of the guideline. Non-roundness failure will result in the color of the enamel hair (Yin and Yang side).

Largest outer diameter and the smallest outer diameter of the largest film thickness difference, will increase the size of the coil, winding no less than accommodate. Thin film, will have pinholes, voltage, scratch resistance, chemical resistance, anti-aging properties such as the decline or cause waste.

Inspection Tools: Micrometers, accuracy should meet the following requirements: The meter with a lead indication error of 1μ micrometer. Measurement at 2 o'clock 1 meter 3 surface, the average of 6 measurements for the measurement results. Whether the size is qualified by the average compared with the standard judge.

Information of Xinyu Enameled Copper Wire:

STANDARD : IEC 60317-8
DATE :9th,Jan.,2017
TYPE :QZY-2/180
SIZE :1.400mm

TESTING ITEMS Refer to REQUIREMENT TESTING DATA RESULTS 1 Appearance IEC 60317-0-1:2005 3.3 Smooth Surface Qualified Qualified 2 Conductor Dimension IEC 60317-0-1:2005 4.1 1.400±0.014mm 1.402 Qualified 3 Over-all Diameter IEC 60317-0-1:2005 4.4.1 ≤1.502mm 1.483 Qualified 4 Minimum Film Thickness IEC 60317-0-1:2005 4.3.1 ≥0.069mm 0.081 Qualified 5 Elongation IEC 60317-0-1:2005.6 ≥ 32﹪ 38 Qualified 6 Electrical Resistance (20℃) IEC 60317-0-1:2005.5 0.0108-0.0114 Ω/m 0.0111 Qualified 7 Breakdown Voltage (Room Temperature) IEC 60317-0-1:2005.13 ≥ 5.0 KV 7.5, 8.2, 7.8, 7.3, 8.0 Qualified 8 Continuity of Enamel Film IEC 60317-0-1:2005.14 ≤ 5 Pinhole 0 Qualified 9 Springback Test IEC 60317-0-1:2005.7 ≤ 34˚ 29 Qualified 10 Bar Winding  IEC 60317-0-1:2005 8.1 Coating No Crack (db) No Crack Qualified 11 Peeling Test IEC 60317-0-1:2005 8.4 Coating No Crack (R) No Crack Qualified 12 Heat Shock IEC 60317-0-1:2005.9 200℃*30min, Coating No Crack                  No Crack Qualified 13 Solvent Test IEC 60317-0-1:2005.12 "H" No Crack Qualified 14 RoHS Confirmation   RoHS Requirement Qualified Qualified

Our goal is to provide customized solutions for the market and customers, whether it is a single enameled wire or raw materials integration, as long as the customer needs, we will do our best to do the best.

For any customer advice and feedback, we will give patient and meticulous response and equal treatment.

For any customer inquiries, we will give the most professional and most reasonable offer with fastest speed.

We are grateful for the customer's complaint, because this is the driving force for our progress.

We are never satisfied with the status quo, and be tireless on the road of innovation and pursuing professional knowledge.

For any order of the customer, we will be completed on time by mass.

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