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Sunidhi Raiya

While sitting in the metro,

I was stricken hard with a thought.

Sooner or later,

We are going to be apart.

Aware enough of the situation,

Yet, continual denial from both sides.

Why? I ask myself everytime.

Maybe, I want to grab every bit of you

Maybe I want to live in Oblivion as it seems brighter.

Or maybe it's just the love beneath my skin.

I want to let it loose, but end up oppositely everyday.

Am I being selfish?

To ask those endless outbursts of laughter, you ignited.

Am I acting paranoid,

At the thought of letting you go.

To capture every inch of that beautiful smile,

And the anger that makes me go mad.

Or that mischievous looks, you always kinda have. 

While sitting in the metro,

I am hard stricken by reality again.

That I had kept denying,

To have you a little more.

To let myself soak in your scent 

And in the end shatter like a phoenix.

By Sunidhi Raiya

Sunidhi Raiya Jul 31 '17 · Rate: 4.56 · Comments: 45 · Tags: poetry, short story
Sunidhi Raiya


Do i deserve dark or to be bounded with light ?

Do i deserve happiness or only strive?

Does light search a place for its existence?

As dark is spread all around without any persistence.

Light is thought to be a boon,

Is it really so?

Why are people afraid of DARK?

Just because they want to see the glow.

Glow is not always that cool,

Light is not always that bright.

Brightness may look fascinating,

but darkness is always the other sight.

Darkness is not a bane,

Just because its away from the shine.

The real fear is OBLIVION,

As it can't be noticed by naked eyes.

I wonder why dark is said evil,

Sometimes its better than light.

It swallow the fake face of world,

and keep us out of ugly sights.

Fear of failure,  afraid of loss,

Hard work is key, to get out of the cause.

Words will remain words, actions are required,

To achieve real glow, determination must be acquired. 

By Sunidhi Raiya

Sunidhi Raiya Jul 31 '17 · Rate: 4.71 · Comments: 41 · Tags: poetry
Samridhi Neelam Nain

Come over here, 

Whisper to me here, 

No one will judge you here, 

Tell me all you want over here, 

Because I'm the only one listening here, 

There are no walls here, 

Just you & I sit here. 

So, tell me what happened there, 

Why you carried it over here? 

You know what, just hide it over here, 

And look up & smile, baby bear, 

When you go, leave it with me here, 

I'll bury it somewhere, 

This is your place here, 

So, come on over here...

-Samridhi Neelam Nain

Samridhi Neelam Nain Aug 16 '17 · Rate: 4.43 · Comments: 38 · Tags: poems, poetry, come over here
Samridhi Neelam Nain

Leave me alone, 

I'll let you know when I'm done, 

When I'm done with this lonely, 

Until then, will you just let me be? 

Let me be on my own, 

Go ahead, get busy with your phone, 

I'll get busy with blurring the remains, 

Blurring everything from the picture of the frames, 

Because how else will I remain sane? 

Cursing this ignorance to be a boon and a bane, 

You don't know how deep it hurts, 

I know I'm not the only one or the first, 

But let me think so for a while, 

If it gives me peace and will to walk even one mile, 

Yes, I'll lull the truth for my own need, 

Maybe I'll be happy with such a feed, 

And yes, I'll risk everything for that one maybe, 

And no, don't critique this me, 

All I ask you to do is this, 

Talk to me about the clouds or trees, 

Or something as absurd as news, 

Or about magnets and electrical fuse, 

Yes, talk to me when I come to you, 

Talk whatever you want to, 

But until then let me close my eyes

And bury the dark in the abyss, 

Right where it belongs with others...

-Samridhi Neelam Nain

Samridhi Neelam Nain Aug 16 '17 · Rate: 4.42 · Comments: 34 · Tags: poems, poetry, leave me alone, doggo, solitude
Samridhi Neelam Nain

Before you, there was me,

I was in the stones and hills,

Then I came and protected your families, privacy,

Now I’m famous in that GoT series fantasy

But that’s not me,

Let me tell you what is,

I’m the mute spectator and defender,

But I can’t stay silent as a grave,

While your savagery is being engraved,

This is me speaking out and no, I’m not being brave,

I’m letting you know what hides in all your caves.

I saw you when you used to live in the cave,

Never gave yourself a shave, killed and raved,

Now you have changed,

A lot of “progress” you have gained,

Now you shave,

But there’s this inheritance you still have,

The killings remained same and sometimes, you still rave,

It’s a shame,

You treat life as a game

And yet you call yourself humans

While the only human thing about you is those ovaries and semen,

I can understand when you hunt others down,

Kill animals with the help of (and also turning into) hounds,

But why kill your own

Why kill your own, aren’t you of same flesh and bones?

Why kill them in the names of names that you made?

Why have your freedom seized in a raid or a bed or have it dead?

And I say it because I have been blotched enough with red,

I have bore enough the screams of men, women and child,

I have seen the civilized rape, how you tend to go wild,

I have seen you act as a master over others,

I have seen you separating children from their mothers,

I might not see what you do when you drag people behind the bushes,

But I can hear every sound and no one to help rushes,

You see only that child forcefully being penetrated or sucking your dick,

But I have to see that child after that, trying to survive and how everything in the way he kicks,

And I see all of this and I see more and I wonder how you became so thick?

What I don’t get

Is how did you misconstrue the concept?

You build me up on your own,

To protect your own,

And then you ended up killing them,

For customs, society, “safe” future, love, hate or even a poem.

I was meant to protect you from the storms that rage outside,

Not for you to create one and then hide,

During your wars, it is I who is reduced to rubble,

It hurts me when I see me reduced into a pebble,

Then why don’t you flinch when you use that gun,

Knowing at one time, you hung an innocent,

I waited for you to change and mend your ways,

But instead I saw you deal with it through different ways,

Some couldn’t so they died,

You had blood in your veins which you changed to cement and survived,

So congratulations on you not being extinct,

What I’m waiting to see now is for long will you continue this stint?

Yes, yes, I’m a big opaque wall,

But don’t think that I don’t hear your brawls,

Don’t think that I don’t know more about you than you do,

I hear those dinner conversations and the same news that you do,

I hear about your massacres, your scandals, your crimes,

I hear it all and I watch you hear it too like a mime,

And that’s why today I speak up,

So maybe that tomorrow you will speak up,

It’s such a tragedy that I’m inanimate and expanding along the borders as the wall,

While you sit in your homes curved into a ball.

- Samridhi Neelam Nain

PS. The poem was long, hope the Wall-Smile made up for it. :)

Samridhi Neelam Nain Aug 16 '17 · Rate: 4.44 · Comments: 33 · Tags: poems, poetry, the wall, smile, secrets
Sunidhi Raiya

Hey! Pretty woman,

They slip for your curves,

And for the way you swing.

The tick tock of your heels,

Make some hearts skip beat.

Hey! Pretty woman

Hey! Pretty woman,

The untangled knots of your hair,

And that messy eye make up,

Which take away their breaths,

And make them a bit helpless.

Hey! Pretty woman

Hey! Pretty woman,

Yes, i am talking to you.

Hit the floor girl,

They are looking just for you.

Let them swril in your love.

Hey! Pretty woman.

By Sunidhi Raiya.

Sunidhi Raiya Jul 31 '17 · Rate: 4.61 · Comments: 26 · Tags: poetry
Aparajeeta Rout


Sitting by the window,

I saw them coming.

Volunteers from an N.G.O,

To provide with teaching.

Here some appreciate them,

While others don't.

Some tried to threaten,

With a taunt.

Some called them in,

while some closed the doors.

They just want us to soar.

They are not wrong,

Some of them shows sympathy.But

I was ordered, to

make money from the rooms that are empty.

Watching all this,

Just like an ember.

Through my window,

I remember.

When I was in the womb,

I heard some noise.

Few were yelling, 

Outside with a raised voice.

My mother was disturbed,

so was I.

But I can feel,

My mother cry.

Through her eyes,

I can see whats going.

Through her ears,

I can hear unknowing.

*THUD* The door opened,

I saw someone approaching her.

Can't recognize,

As the image was blur.

That image,

It spoke into my mother's ear.

Those words,

I could hear very clear.

"No girl this time, We need a boy!",

is all it said.

"Please don't do this",

My mother pled.

For her,

It was quite dense.

For me,

It hardly made any sense.

Later that year,

I finally opened my eyes.

Everyone could hear,

My dull cries.

I knew, 

I was shinning like a pearl.


Someone yelled it's a GIRL.

I was crying,

So was my mother.

My grandma was sad,

so was my father.

Afterward i found out,

I already have a sister.

Couldn't understand her,

Because she was a tongue twister.

Day by day,

We became good friends.

One day she left me and went away,

Because she had to get married as per the trends.

As the time passed by,

I grew.

Hated by many,

But loved by few.

Between this love and hate,

I have lot of memories.

within few date,

even i got married.

It was a drastic change,

Although I didn't wanted to.

I was just 16, and 

He was 32.

He was a monster,

He did not have a heart.

He was the one, who

tore me apart.

Few days since then,

He died by an accident.

Everyone blamed me,

And cursed for that incident.

I was thrown out,

Was told to be a bad luck.

I was considered as a toy,

just like a wooden duck.

When the  days were hard,

and nights were difficult to survive.

I met her,

And my hopes came alive.

She gave me food, and 

Clothes to wear.

She healed me , when

pain was not easy to bear.

But whatever happens,

there is always a reason behind it. 

This time, 

life gave me a strong hit.

She brought me here,

The place where I belong now.

She offered me a deal,

which my heart didn't allow.

She got offended,

as I disagreed.

She threw me to a stranger,

For my body to be feed.

That night was dark,

So was my life.

I couldn't go back,

past was more difficult to strive.

That night was dark,

So was my life.

I couldn't run away,

future was worse to survive.

That night was dark,

So is my life.

Would you prefer to call me, as

your sister/ your aunt or your wife?

Every night since then,

I lay dead-alive on a haunting bed.

with my soul,

almost dead.

Every night since then,

I get ready to be ripped again.

By a stranger,.

With lust in his vein.

That disgust me, when

he calls "Hi Honey".

But I greet him with a smile,

For his money.

Education is great,

But still what is my future.

Would you prefer me as your teacher?

Whore, Prostitute, Hooker, Sex Worker or Call girl

I have many name.

It is a fame,

Completely covered with the shame.

I have accepted this,

Nobody have the right to ask me why.

But there are many who wants to fly.

This is my palace,

This is my home.

Here I shine,

Like a chrome.

At this part of the town,

I wear my own crown.

Here I do rejoice,

I am here by my choice.

I do have feelings,

I do have voice. 

But still,

I am here by my choice.

Aparajeeta Rout Aug 6 '17 · Rate: 4.10 · Comments: 24 · Tags: poetry, here by my choice, poem, story, sad, determined, bold, beautiful, contest, writeup, strong
Aparajeeta Rout

The day I was born,

Everyone was beaming.

Out of joy,

Their face started gleaming.


Unaware of what was happening,

I was sobbing high.

Laughing at me my aunt said,

“Cheer up you munchkin, men don’t cry”


Grandma dressed me in blue,

And father gifted me a car as a toy.

After all it’s really cool,

To be a baby boy.


Growing up,

Was too much fun.

Grandpa taught me,

How to shoot a gun.


I was the youngest, But

Still was being loved the most.

I was the reason,

For my family to boast.


Then one day,

Someone gifted me a school bag.

It had my favourite cartoon on it,

And also a name tag.


That someone was my neighbor,

Thought they were big hearted.

Then came the spring,

And my school started.


The fun,

It’s all gone.

My uniform, my bag pack,

It’s all done.


First day at school,

I was bit scared.

She was a girl,

With whom my seat was shared.


Teacher came and asked,

“What do you want to be?”

“Doc-dock-doktal” I said fumbling,

Because that’s what my father told me to be.


Everyone laughed,

And I got irritated.

“That’s a brilliant choice”,

My teacher appreciated.


First day at school,

It was quite aspiring.

Yet it was very tiring.


Day after day,

I made many friends.

They were all very different,

Some were very close to me while some just pretends.


Year after year,

I got promoted.

Got good marks,

For which I was devoted.


I remember,

When I was in grade eight.

One day from school,

I was running late.


No one at my place,

So I went to my neighbor.

No one there as well,

But the one present was a labour.


He greeted me,

And offered me food.

But there is something strange,

Strange in his attitude.


After I finished,

He pulled me closer and started touching.

My flesh is all he desired,

And the only thing he was clutching.


It was hurting,

Hurting very much.

I was unaware of,

Incidents like such.


After he was done,

He threw me to the floor.

Looking at me he was smiling,

But my body was on a roar.


I was scared,

Like never before.

He was a demon,

Living next door.


Few days later,

He went away.

For me the sun shined bright,

With all positive ray.


That incident,

It changed the one I was.

Earlier a naughty mischievous boy,

Now a scared, quiet boy with lot of flaws.


School taught me a lot,

It infused many things into my brain.

Subjects were annoying,

Physics had theorems and chemistry offered me chemical chains.


Between all those years of my schooling,

I learnt something I was never taught.

Something for which,

My inner conscious everyday fought.


Between all those years of my schooling,

I learnt something I was never taught.

Something that everyone knows, and

It is in their mind like a knot.


Between all those years of my schooling,

I had many questions in my mind.

Questions if ever asked,

My presence will be declined.


Between all those years of my schooling,

I discovered myself.

The boy who once wanted to be a doctor,

Struggling with this lie himself.


A belly dancer,

It’s what I wanted to be now.

But that profession,

Effects my father’s reputation somehow.


An angry face, a big “NO” and “stop thinking about all this nonsense”,

It was all that I got from my father.

My dreams, my hopes,

All busted like bubbles in the lather.


No doubt,

I was demotivated.

But to go with the flow,

My heart was not obligated.


The very next day,

 I bought a hip scarf.

That day I danced with all my heart,

 And I shined like a Norse dwarf.


Outside the gates, awaited

A long chain of rejections.

“A male belly dancer, not happening”,

Was what I got in most of the selections.


There were times,

When I was told not to dream

Then all I wanted,

Was to scream.


There were times,

When my eyes were not dry.

They told me to stop, and

Make me remind that men don’t cry.


There were times,

When I wanted to share.

They warned me not to, and

Made others believe that men don’t feel and men don’t care.


It’s not that always,

Only a female can be bruised.

We the men,

Are also sometimes abused.


It’s not that,

We are not hurt.

But if we wanted to share.

We are made fun of, and sometimes declared as introvert or even a pervert.


It’s not that,

We don’t have insecurities.

But if discussed,

We are questioned on our maturity.


Please I request you,

Let me grow like a tree.

From this mental pressure,

Please set me free.

Aparajeeta Rout Aug 16 '17 · Rate: 4.09 · Comments: 20 · Tags: poem, poetry, man, boy, difference, harrasment, mental pressure, child abuse, regections, problems
Samridhi Neelam Nain

For now, just let me sleep, 

For now, let me quietly weep, 

For now, let me be in the dark, 

For now, the light is too stark, 

For now, be quiet & hear, 

For now, hear the sound of traffic here, 

For now, walk away with the whispers, 

For now, let me get tangled in the creepers, 

For now, this dirt will do, 

For now, let me relish being the drop of dew, 

For now, let me be me, free from doubt, 

For now, let me not care what this is all about, 

For now, just let me sleep, 

For now, let me just slip,

For now, just let me take this leap...

-Samridhi Neelam Nain

Samridhi Neelam Nain Aug 16 '17 · Rate: 3.93 · Comments: 12 · Tags: poems, for now, poetry
Team Hupshup

Well, the concept of evolution has been explained by many researchers, many ideas were put and the most relevant one was picked. Well, now they say that the quest for survival is the reason behind evolution. Animals evolve because of the greed of survival. 

Well okay!

My question is how are you even able to say that humans are evolved from apes.

This is something so lame to say 

Could be good if researchers say that humans closely resemble apes.

Could be good!

But saying apes evolved to become humans is lame!

Well even if researchers are right I believe

Can they explain why do we still have apes! 

Well said there's survival of fittest, apes survived which means they are apt to the environment, and which further means that they don't need to evolve more. 

Sounds fair! 

Well, how do you say now that humans evolved from apes!

Team Hupshup Aug 1 '17 · Rate: 3.62 · Comments: 7 · Tags: article, philosophy
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