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Self-employment as a woodworker provides independence. It enables the unique situation where you are able to make wood products, furniture and cabinets in a pace you're comfortable without anyone looking over your shoulder. You basically become your own boss. If you're bored of the rapidly changing job market and the rising demand for tech workers, then woodworking provides a level of specialized equilibrium. The woodworking industry grows very slowly and unless you're involved with the small woodworking projects that sell automatic and mechanized CNC finish of this market, the woodworking industry is very traditional.

There are many types of tools and machinery used in conventional woodworking that date back to a century or more ago, to give you an idea of how relevant any knowledge that you gain will be useful in the future.

You'll also need to consider the benefits and pitfalls of being a self- employed woodworker in comparison to holding a day job. A day job often provides stability and a regular source of income without the need to be worried about the next pay cheque. Obviously, we know this is not necessarily true especially in today's rapidly changing economy and the threat of a downsizing or reduction of a project is true. Until this happens, though, a day job is a trusted source of income.

However, the disadvantage of spending forty hours each week in a day job is dependent on the type of job you do and most importantly, would you like what you're doing? If you're as many people out there in the work force that benefit little to no satisfaction in your work then you need to follow your fantasy and inquire into the idea of being a part-time or full-time woodworker.

Being in business for oneself entails more than just woodworking. There are other facets to a business you need to take under consideration. Other aspects you to concern yourself with aside from woodworking include: bookkeeping, inventory management, equipment and instrument maintenance, buying, marketing, advertising, and shipping. These aspects of a company take valuable time away in the wood projects that make money center woodworking but are essential for the company to survive and thrive.

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